Alumni Website Benefits

Getting Your Group Online - Communication

There are several reasons to have your own alumni organization website. You obviously have come here because you understand the value of getting your alumni community online. It seems most everyone now has or has access to the internet. It makes it so convenient to allow members of your organization the ability to log into a central location to communicate with other alumni, receive information and updates and network.

Generate Revenue for your Organization

In addition, alumni websites are a great way to generate revenue for your organization. We have built ad revenue software that gives your organization the ability to earn revenue from advertising on your website and selling sponsorships to local businesses or even alumni who have their own businesses looking for exposure.

Reduce Overhead

Websites become the central location for pertinent information, communications and postings. With an alumni website you no longer have to print announcements, create memos to distribute or direct mail reunion notices. All of this can be done digitally online allowing you to reduce some of your overhead, keep in synch with your staff and keep your alumni more effectively in touch.